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The Essential ARRIS
Training Video

is now available!

This video release demonstrates the Getting the Most of out ARRIS chapter from its companion document, the Essential ARRIS Handbook. The video covers seven fundamental ARRIS features including the Mouse Gestures (MCI), Select Entity menu, Dynamic Windows, Rubber-band Double Reference, Entity Style Catalogs, Repeated Item (RI) Catalogs, and Copy to Clipboard. The video is ideal for getting new ARRIS users up to speed more quickly or as a refresher course for increasing the productivity of existing users.
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Pricing for The Essential
ARRIS Training Video
(free shipping in US and Canada)



ARRIS 9.5 is now shipping!

ARRIS 9.5 Features Include:
* Smart Repeated Items
* User Toolbar & Manager
* Drawing Manager
* ARRIS Architect Ceilings
* Pattern Enhancements
* Status Menu Display
* Enhanced Panning
* New Scale Menu
* Miscellaneous
More About ARRIS 9.5 Features>

More About ARRIS 9.4 Features
Arris 9.4 Subscription Renewal Pricing 
Arris 9.3 Features
Arris 9.2 New Features

IABC 2009

The 2009 International ARRIS BuildersCAD Conference was a a big hit. For a virtual tour and access to all of the seminar course materials,
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ARRIS Handbook

The Essential ARRIS Handbook written by Gary Thill is now available!

When you're ready to increase your productivity and expand your knowledge of the the ARRIS software, The Essential ARRIS Handbook is the professional resource you need. Filled with tips, tricks, customization tools, hidden features and more, The Essential ARRIS Handbook will help you become a faster, more productive ARRIS user regardless of your level of expertise.
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Pricing for The Essential ARRIS Handbook
Hard Copy Book
(+$3.50 shipping US; $5.00 shipping Canada)
PDF Format
(limited to one copy per seat)
PDF Format
(site license)
(up to 10 users)
PDF Format
(site license)
(over 10 users)

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