ARRIS Software


ARRIS is the first software written specifically for architects and building management professionals. Imagine owning a CAD system that will not only give you a powerful competitive advantage in 2D architectural design and production, but will also equip you with the 3D tools to win and retain more business.

The ARRIS Architect Studio consists of ARRIS CAD plus five highly focused architectural plug-ins which combine to form the single most comprehensive architectural software solution available in the industry.

Why invest valuable resources in ordinary CAD? The ARRIS Architect Studio offers the most comprehensive and easiest-to-use solution ever developed for architects at a price far below the competition.

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Expert InfoCAD

Sigma Consulting Services, Inc. is a premier reseller of ARRIS and Expert InfoCAD’s software product called the Expert Translator for ARRIS.

Expert Translator for ARRIS

Import and Export DWG and DXF files to ARRIS and translate AutoCAD font files to ARRIS fonts. Supports all versions of ARRIS and AutoCAD R2012.

The Expert Translator can be used efficiently and accurately with a minimum of customization, or with a very high degree of customization which can be unique for each customer.

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