Let Sigma Consulting Services’ experienced ARRIS trainers increase your productivity, confidence and knowledge of the ARRIS applications and CAD system environment. Training classes are offered on-site, off-site and on-line.

Training features

• Begining, intermediate and advanced training available in all ARRIS applications.
• Tailored to customers’ unique demands, applications and office standards.

ARRIS courses offered on-site

Course  Description Duration Course Description Duration
ARRIS CAD 2 Days Establishing Office Standards ½ Day
ARRIS Architect ½ Day System Administration ½ Day
ARRIS 3D 1 Day New Features / Tips & Tricks ½ Day

Each application involves a lecture-style presentation of material, followed by question and answer sessions, informal discussion and lab exercises. Advanced training for each application is also available.

On-site training requirements

• Customers are required to provide all student hardware and software.
• Minimum 4 hours per training day.

ARRIS courses offered on-line

Course  Description Duration Course Description Duration
Intro to  ARRISCAD 4 hours Intro to Sheets & Viewports 4 hours
Intro to ARRIS Architect 4 hours Customizing Your Menu 2 hours
ntro to ARRIS 3D 4 hours File Structure Overview 2 hours

On-line training requirements

• Recommend class session length is 2hrs.

Cost of training services

Description Cost
On-site training $100 per hour / $800 per day
Off-site training (in Denver, CO) $85 per hour / $680 per day
On-line training $100 per hour
Daily travel allowance * $200 per day
Airfare Best rate available

* Daily travel allowance includes all local transportation, lodging and meals. Customer may choose to make any or all travel arrangements.

Hourly and/or daily rate listed does not increase for multiple students.




The Essential ARRIS Handbook

by Gary Thill

When you’re ready to increase your productivity and expand your knowledge of the the ARRIS software, The Essential ARRIS Handbook is the professional resource you need. Filled with tips, tricks, customization tools, hidden features and more, The Essential ARRIS Handbook will help you become a faster, more productive ARRIS user regardless of your level of expertise.

Pricing for The Essential ARRIS Handbook
Hard Copy Book $50 (plus shipping)
PDF Format
(limited to one copy per seat)
PDF Format
(site license)
(up to 10 users)
PDF Format
(site license)
(over 10 users)

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The Essential ARRIS Training Video

This video release demonstrates the Getting the Most of out ARRIS chapter from its companion document, The Essential ARRIS Handbook (see above). The video covers seven fundamental ARRIS features including the Mouse Gestures (MCI), Select Entity menu, Dynamic Windows, Rubber-band Double Reference, Entity Style Catalogs, Repeated Item (RI) Catalogs, and Copy to Clipboard. The video is ideal for getting new ARRIS users up to speed more quickly or as a refresher course for increasing the productivity of existing users. Preview the video here>

Pricing for The Essential ARRIS Training Video
(free shipping in US)